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Our GraphQL-powered APIs and SDKs help developers integrate with global travel suppliers quickly for a fluid development experience.
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Proudly connecting thousands of travel suppliers across the globe

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Powerful APIs and SDKs

Acquire a broad range of APIs and SDKs with everything you need to access travel inventory and enhance booking capabilities.

Global multi-cloud deployment

Benefit from the Copilot Travel Engine’s use of hyper-efficient deployment across multiple clouds.

The development tools you want

Try requests, monitor usage, see logs, track errors, view code samples, and much more.
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Engage with travel consumers worldwide in seconds

The Copilot Travel Engine uses hyper-efficient deployment across multiple clouds.

Establish connections in 300+ cities in over 100+ countries, including mainland China*.
*CTE Enterprise only
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APIs and SDKs

Accelerate integration and streamline development

Designed for developers and powered by GraphQL, our complete suite of APIs and SDKs enable software developers to create powerful, user-friendly applications and meet the evolving needs of the travel industry.


Seamlessly integrates near real-time flight data into various travel applications, platforms, booking suppliers, and chat experiences.


Aggregates data from Global Distribution Systems (GDS), New Distribution Capability (NDC) sources, Low-cost Carriers (LCC) and more.


Automatically connect to global consolidators and receive fully aggregated data, no waiting in line.


Optimizes performance through GraphQL-powered data aggregation for efficient data retrieval and management.

API collection

Travel APIs, simplified

Our API collection enables you to make complete bookings for any travel service category with ease.

We abstract away the complexity, so you can achieve everything you need through four highly-robust APIs for searching, pricing, booking, and managing.

Features of APIs

Enhance your capabilities

Comprehensive data aggregation

Our APIs combine data from GDS, LCC, NDC, and other sources to deliver a wide range of options for a variety of travel services, ensuring developers have access to the most comprehensive content available.

Enhanced data

Powered by edge technology, our APIs deliver live travel service information regarding availability, dynamic pricing, status, delays, cancellations, and more—ensuring you always have up-to-date and accurate data.


Our APIs incorporate advanced algorithms to offer personalized travel  recommendations based on consumer preferences, search history (coming soon), and market trends—enhancing user experiences within your apps.

Robust analytics
(Coming soon)

APIs include built-in analytics tools to provide valuable insights into consumer behavior, market trends, and API performance—enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your travel software solutions.

GraphQL and REST SDKs

Get the tools you need

Copilot Travel Engine GraphQL SDKs

Designed for CTE with first-class GraphQL support

Serverless Functions SDK
PHP, Python, and C# GraphQL SDKs are coming soon

Supported Apollo GraphQL Clients



Copilot Travel Engine REST SDKs

REST built by us and only available via


Development tools

The tools you
need to streamline development

Access interactive docs

Our interactive documentation platform is designed to transform the way you learn, code, collaborate, and customize.
  • Get what you need—then get to work with access to changelogs, guides, and recipes.

Unlock powerful metrics (Coming soon) 

Dig deeper into your API insights, build a full picture of your audience, and learn how to better serve their needs.
  • Discover bottlenecks and issues within your app and deliver the most effective updates.

Launch virtual sandboxes

Our optimized developer experiences ensure a seamless workflow. With just a single click, you can leap into action, bypassing the hassle of time-consuming tasks such as cloning repositories and installing dependencies.
  • Focus more on coding and less on setup.

Live docs

Our dynamic developer portal enables you to run requests directly from your browser and observe real-time responses from our APIs.
  • Easily try a variety of options, see what is required, and debug any issues quickly.

Postman collection

Get instant access to the tools you need to use, test, and mock-up APIs with our downloadable Postman collection.
  • Experiment with self-service APIs using native apps without ever having to write code. 
  • Reduce the complexity of authorization by automating manual tasks, such as adding access tokens to request headers.
  • Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Copilot Travel Engine
use cases

Destination-based content and travel guides

Develop destination-specific content platforms and digital travel guides with the help of our APIs.
  • Offer detailed information about popular tourist attractions, local customs and culture, must-try foods, travel tips, and off-the-beaten-path experiences.
  • Help your users plan their trips and enjoy more immersive experiences by giving them easy access to hyper-relevant content.

Integrate with travel booking platforms

Integrate our APIs into travel booking platforms, and allow your users to search for and book flights, accommodation, car rentals, and much more.
  • Provide preference-based filtering options for dates, destinations, airlines, hotels, and more.
  • Offer improved support for managing bookings and cancellations.

Itinerary planning and management

Use our APIs to develop trip planning and management apps that allow users to create customized itineraries—optimizing their travel plans.
  • Enable deeper personalization by letting users add various activities, attractions, and restaurants to their itinerary.
  • Provide information on points of interest, estimated travel times, and available public transportation options.

Price comparison and alerts

Integrate our APIs into price comparison platforms, allowing users to compare prices for flights, hotels, and other travel services across multiple providers.
  • Offer price alert features that notify users of price drops and special deals for their preferred destinations or travel dates.

Travel review and recommendation services

Create platforms that let users share their travel experiences, post reviews, and provide recommendations for destinations, accommodations, restaurants, and attractions.
  • Combine user-generated content with your travel data to aid other users in making informed decisions regarding travel plans.

Travel support and assistance

Build a travel assistance application using our APIs to provide consumers with near real-time information and support while they are traveling.
  • Offer live flight status updates, airport information, local weather updates, emergency contact information, and currency exchange rates.
  • Support your users while they are on the go with in-app chat and voice support.

Travel APIs for financial institutions

Provide your customers with hassle-free travel booking by integrating APIs directly into your trusted digital platforms.
  • Offer near real-time access to a broad range of travel services across flights, hotels, rail, insurance, and much more.
  • Deliver personalized offers and secure payment options.
  • Enable better travel experiences and keep your customers within your service ecosystem.

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